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To Encourage, Inspire & Develop for Life Balance.


To give Support, Confidence or Hope.  To Stimulate the Development of an Activity, State or Belief.


Fill Someone with the Urge or Ability to Do or Feel Something, Especially to Do Something Creative.


To Grow or Cause to Grow & Become more Mature, Advanced or Elaborate.

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About Holistic Vision

What Is Holistic Vision?

Holistic Vision is unique in that it covers a wide range of services from working with individuals one to one, working with families, with groups of people and with communities.

Holistic Vision works with organisations who want to grow and develop and inclusive, diverse, equal environment for everyone, its staff, the people it provides a service to and the wider community.

How Do We Do This?

Holistic Vision offers a wide range of services that can be adapted and delivered to suit the needs of the people, families, groups, and organisations requiring its services.

This is done through personal advancement by using a variety of tools.

  • Complementary therapies a wide range of therapeutic interventions that can either be done for you or done with you.

  • Training,

  • Mentoring,

  • Collaborative working,

  • Partnerships

Holistic Vision's aim is to enable people to feel they are part of a community, to support them break down the barriers that they believe prevent them from moving forward in their life.

To understand who they are, their purpose, passion and to find answers to the questions they are continuously asking.

If you are at a crossroads in your life, wanting to have better understanding, find you are searching for something but do not know what. If there is a nagging feeling, a sense of not being completely happy, something is missing, that you have a continued pattern, that you have tried all sorts of thing but feel you are still not there.

Welcome - You are now in the right place to understand who you are, why you are here and why you have the same constant struggles, patterns, and unanswered questions.


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